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Badstreet USA tribute

Southern rock act Crossfyre cover and tribute Badstreet USA, originally written by Michael “P.S.” Hayes of The Fabulous Freebirds fame from the world of professional wrestling.

Michael Hayes originally recorded and released Badstreet USA as a single in 1983, which his tag team trio of The Fabulous Freebirds (comprised of Hayes, Buddy Jack Roberts and Terry Gordy) used as their official ring entrance theme henceforth.

Hayes is widely regarded as the first-ever rocker/wrestler, creating his own, original music before anyone else jumped on the bandwagon. The song has only once been covered by punk act Antiseen and now finally, come 2019, Crossfyre does the honors.

Crossfyre vocalist Michael Majalahti aka “The Rebel” StarBuck is the most acclaimed professional wrestler arguably in history out of Northern Europe, spanning over a 25 year career in the game. StarBuck currently heads up SLAM! Wrestling Finland, a company founded in the summer of 2018. StarBuck is also a recording artist and performing vocalist with 20 years behind him.  Crossfyre is a veteran southern rock band, with its roots in Florida starting in 1991, before migrating to Finland with band founder Danny Cross at the turn of the century.

Now, for the first time in known history, a current rocker/wrestler pays homage to a classic rocker/wrestler in covering the most well-known wrestling rock theme in pro wrestling lore.

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StarBuck interview on Talk is Jericho, March 2019:  https://omny.fm/shows/talk-is-jericho/rebel-starbuck-the-most-famous-wrestler-youve-prob

StarBuck’s self-written autobiography released by Crowbar Press, Spring 2017: http://www.crowbarpress.com/cbp-books/28-sb.html

StarBuck on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Majalahti

Crossfyre in the studio in late 2017!

Howdy-ho, folks!  It’s been a spell since our last update, but we’ve got news for y’all!

Firstly, we’ve got a new bassist, Rude Rothstén, who joins us from Crossfyre vocalist StarBuck’s heavy rock band, Stoner Kings.  Sami Salminen decided to pursue other personal career interests and Rude is now the man behind the bottom end with Crossfyre.

Rude Rothstén

Also, Kai Olavi Järvinen decided to part ways with Crossfyre as second guitarist, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.  Be it mentioned, that the parting was amicable.

Those things said, Crossfyre is now in the studio, as we speak.  We are working on a couple of new cuts, one of which is Lynyrd Skynyrd cover Cry For The Bad Man.  The other song is one of our own concoctions, named Rebels Don’t Die.

Once again, we’re working with producer Hannu Leiden and sound engineer Eero Kaukomies.  Recordings are taking place in Helsinki at both Sonic Pump Studios and Content Union Studios.  As of yesterday, we have pretty much everything in the can now instrument-wise except the vocals.  By the end of the year, we hope to have these songs released.

Stay tuned!

Crossfyre on tour in Germany and Poland, Summer 2017

Howdy-ho, y’all!  Tomorrow morning we will be leaving with Crossfyre to play a set of gigs in Germany and Poland.  For any and all of you who are in the vicinity, be sure to drop in for a southern blues rocking good time!

June 22 – Hamburg, Germany at Cowboy Und Indianer

June 23 – Poznan, Poland at Alligator Club

June 24 – Wiśniew, Poland at Dwór Mościbrody (Gryf Party 2017)

Additional new member in Crossfyre!

Howdy-ho, folks!  It’s been a spell since we’ve updated any news in between playing gigs here and there, but now we have some major news for y’all!

There is a new member in Crossfyre, as we have added a third guitarist in addition to Jaakko Kinnari (who is our full-time six-stringer) and Jay Jay Asikainen (original band member who only joins us on occasion for select gigs).  The new man in the mix is Kai Olavi Järvinen, a long-time gigging musician with over two decades of band experience.  Kai’s been here, there and little bit everywhere, plying his talents, and now, he’s in Crossfyre!


Kai will be playing his second gig with us this coming Saturday night, April 29 at a private party for Crossfyre vocalist Michael “StarBuck” Majalahti’s wife Diana’s 30th birthday bash, after which the entire band with new guitarist in tow will head out to play the Wild Viking BBQ Fest in Hanko, Finland on May 27: www.vikingsbbqparty.com


This summer, Crossfyre will be going once again to Poland and Germany for a set of gigs, including the huge Gryf Party bash in Poland for one of the oldest MC clubs in all of Europe!


“No Limits” is coming this summer!

Crossfyre has been busy working on our follow-up to our 2014 album Iron Horse.  This third full-length opus from Crossfyre will be carry the name No Limits, and it will be out late this summer 2016!

No Limits was produced by Hannu Leiden and engineered and recorded by Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki.  Mastering was performed by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers in Helsinki.

Here is the cover art for the No Limits album, created by Crossfyre vocalist Michael “StarBuck” Majalahti:

Crossfyre No Limits digirelease cover

No Limits features the studio line-up of vocalist Majalahti, drummer Danny Cross, Jaakko Kinnari and Jay Jay Asikainen on guitar, keyboardist Jari Ravaska and bassist Dan Rönnbacka.  As mentioned earlier here on our website, Dan Rönnbacka departed from the band immediately after No Limits was recorded, and Sami Salminen is the new live bassist in the group.

No Limits features 12 tracks, of which one is a cover: Golden Earring’s Twilight Zone.  The tracklist for the new album is as follows:

Crossfyre No Limits song listing

Crossfyre rocks Harley Days 2015

Hey y’all!  We just got back from a tour through Poland and Germany, where we played the gigantic Harley Days 2015 event in Hamburg on June 27 alongside UFO from England.

Over 100 000 Harley’s streamed into Hamburg from all over Europe and about 500 000 visitors over the weekend of June 26-28 for Harley Days 2015.

A big thanks to all the fine folks who came out for our set of shows in Poland and Germany, and especially a big shout-out to Sven Hartwig from the Cowboy Und Indianer music bar, where we played our last gig on June 28 before heading back to Finland.

Crossfyre lead singer Michael’s wife Diana Majalahti took the following pics from the tour:

Crossfye Europe 2015 (1) Crossfye Europe 2015 (2)Crossfye Europe 2015 (3) Crossfye Europe 2015 (6) Crossfye Europe 2015 (5)

Professional photographer Frank Schwichtenberg sent in these photos from Harley Days:

Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 02 Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 07 Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 08Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 05Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 11

Some more random pics from the tour, taken from Facebook:

Crossfyre Hamburg 2 Crossfyre Hamburg 3 Crossfyre Hamburg 4 Crossfyre Hamburg 5Crossfyre Hamburg 6 Crossfyre Hamburg

Next up, we play another biker bash here in Finland on the island of Mossala on July 10, organized by Free Bikers Finland, called the Mossala Run.  Be there!

Crossfyre studio update

Howdy, y’all!  We’ve been busy as of late at Helsinki’s premiere recording place, Sonic Pump Studios, preparing our follow-up album to Iron Horse with producer Hannu Leiden and engineer Eero Kaukomies.

Some days back we laid down the drums and a few bass tracks for the upcoming third Crossfyre album, and we must say, it’s sounding colossal!

We have 12 songs on tap for the next LP, including a cover version of Golden Earring’s classic tune, Twilight Zone, which we have been playing live for well over a year now.

Below you will find a few photos from our Sonic Pump sessions, and next week we head out to Poland and Germany for a set of shows, including the enormous Harley Days festival in Hamburg!

Dan Rönnbacka Danny Cross Danny drumming Drumkit Jay Jay and Eero Sonic Pump Studios


Blues, Bikes & BBQ Rally 2015

This past Saturday night in Turenki, Finland, Crossfyre played the Blues, Bikes & BBQ Rally, organized by Custom Bikers Finland and Free Bikers Finland.

Photo by Diana Majalahti
Photo by Diana Majalahti

The weather was chilly to say the least, with everyone’s fingers feeling more like icicles than digits, due to the near-Arctic spring temperatures.

Photo by Kirsi Pynnönen
Photo by Kirsi Pynnönen

Our 45-minute set saw the bikers grooving away, albeit well-inebriated, as we tore through a short, but effective set of originals and a few cover songs before the midnight curfew hit, as the venue was lakeside with a housing area surrounding the shoreline.

Photo by Kirsi Pynnönen
Photo by Kirsi Pynnönen

Next up, Crossfyre hits Sonic Pump Studios next week to lay down tracks for our third LP outing, yet to be named.  From there, we head to Poland and Germany on tour in the latter half of June, before returning to Finland for a summer full of gigs.

Double-ender weekends of Fyre!

We’ve had a helluva couple of past weekends with Crossfyre, playing both the CBF (Free Bikers Finland) one-year anniversary event on January 31 at Bar Loose in Helsinki (in conjunction with the annual Helsinki Motorcycle Expo after party) and Porvoo´n´Blues Vol. 2 in Porvoo, Finland on February 7.

Here are a few pics from the shows!

MP afterparty

Mad Croc's Tuomas dropped by to see the gig in Helsinki (photo:  Tuija Johansson)
Mad Croc’s Tuomas dropped by to see the gig in Helsinki (photo: Tuija Johansson)

StarBuck and Dan Rönnbacka on stage in Helsinki (photo: Tuija Johansson)
StarBuck and Dan Rönnbacka on stage in Helsinki (photo: Tuija Johansson)

Laying it on thick! (photo: Diana Majalahti)
Laying it on thick! (photo: Diana Majalahti)

Crossfyre rocking Porvoo'n'Blues Vol.2 (photo: Diana Majalahti)
Crossfyre rocking Porvoo’n’Blues Vol.2 (photo: Diana Majalahti)