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Crossfyre rocks Harley Days 2015

Hey y’all!  We just got back from a tour through Poland and Germany, where we played the gigantic Harley Days 2015 event in Hamburg on June 27 alongside UFO from England.

Over 100 000 Harley’s streamed into Hamburg from all over Europe and about 500 000 visitors over the weekend of June 26-28 for Harley Days 2015.

A big thanks to all the fine folks who came out for our set of shows in Poland and Germany, and especially a big shout-out to Sven Hartwig from the Cowboy Und Indianer music bar, where we played our last gig on June 28 before heading back to Finland.

Crossfyre lead singer Michael’s wife Diana Majalahti took the following pics from the tour:

Crossfye Europe 2015 (1) Crossfye Europe 2015 (2)Crossfye Europe 2015 (3) Crossfye Europe 2015 (6) Crossfye Europe 2015 (5)

Professional photographer Frank Schwichtenberg sent in these photos from Harley Days:

Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 02 Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 07 Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 08Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 05Crossfyre Harley Days 2015 11

Some more random pics from the tour, taken from Facebook:

Crossfyre Hamburg 2 Crossfyre Hamburg 3 Crossfyre Hamburg 4 Crossfyre Hamburg 5Crossfyre Hamburg 6 Crossfyre Hamburg

Next up, we play another biker bash here in Finland on the island of Mossala on July 10, organized by Free Bikers Finland, called the Mossala Run.  Be there!