Northern tour diary – part one

What a heck of a weekend we’ve had with Crossfyre up in Lapland, the northern hemisphere of Finland!  On tour with Crossfyre, we brought the flavor of southern rock and classic rock in general to the north, and boy, did the people up here LOVE IT!

The band gets ready for Friday night's gig in Levi.
The band gets ready for Friday night’s gig in Levi.

With a back-to-back set of gigs in Levi and Kuusamo respectively, we witnessed the good vibes catch on in droves both nights, with all manner of folk dancing the night away in front of the stage.  Indeed, we play adult-oriented rock, but that said, anyone from their twenties to their sixties seems to dig our sound, regardless of where we play.  That said, we really must be doing something right.

The restaurants and establishment walls at Hullu Poro were embellished with our gig adverts.
The restaurants and establishment walls at Hullu Poro were embellished with our gig adverts.

On Friday night, we pulled into Levi on the outskirts of Kittilä, after a near-20-hour drive from Helsinki.  Our newly revamped Crossmobile turned heads left and right, with its snazzy tape-job, sponosored by Mad Croc Energy Drinks.  It was a couple of years back that we wrote the theme song for Mad Croc’s motor racing division worldwide, and since that time, we’ve developed a great working relationship with the energy drink giant.

The Crossfyre Crossmobile and it's stylish makeover.
The Crossfyre Crossmobile and it’s stylish makeover.

The Hullu Poro Hotel and resort in Levi has to be seen to be believed.  It is honestly one of the coolest, most endearing places visually and atmosphere-wise, that there is to be seen and experienced in Finland.  As a trivia note, in January 2009, Crossfyre vocalist StarBuck won his second Eurostars European wrestling championship title from Bernard Vandamme of Belgium at Hullu Poro Arena in Levi.

Our gig venue in Levi at Hullu Poro.
Our gig venue in Levi at Hullu Poro.

Our Friday gig at Hully Poro was a capacity biker bash entitled WILD RIDE.  It’s an annual event, and this year, Crossfyre was the band of choice to play the happening.  Top-of-the-line hotel rooms, wickedly good food and high-class cuisine on the house and a tremendous atmosphere capped off this outing.  And I have to say: our cover of ZZ Top’s ”Sharp Dressed Man” always gets every ass in the joint moving like an ant farm.  There’s just something to it that works every single time out.  That’s probably because the original itself is such a great song to begin with!

This chick told me "Good grief, you've got one foot in the grave already!"
This chick sarcastically told StarBuck ”Good grief, you’ve got one foot in the grave already!”

Our second gig last night in Kuusamo at Ravintola Veijo was stellar, also.  A real gritty bar in feel and vibe, Veijo is the kind of place rock bands want to play at.  With a population of around 16 000 people, Kuusamo doesn’t have a lot happening, so when something notable hits town, you better believe the town folk are going to show up!  And show up they did, a packed house at that!  Here, we got to see how another carefully chosen cover song, Golden Earring’s ”Twilight Zone”, sank into people like a hot knife through butter.

Thanks to all the fine folks that came out to see us do what we do best this past Friday and Saturday in Northern Finland.  Next weekend it’s Saariselkä at Santa’s Village and Ivalo respectively.

The atmosphere at Veijo's pub in Kuusamo was off the charts!
The atmosphere at Veijo’s pub in Kuusamo was off the charts!

Crossfyre rocking the summer of ’14

After playing a host of gigs across Estonia, Poland and Germany in support of our new ”Iron Horse” album release, Crossfyre performed a few summer festival gigs and biker bashes here in Finland over the past month.

The Harley-Davidson Super Rally 2014 in Tallinn was the definitive highlite of the summer so far, and now the band is preparing to hit a few dates around Finland over the course of next month in August, as band vocalist StarBuck’s pro wrestling commitments have his calendar booked for much of July.

Here are a few Crossfyre gigs to look out for in August:

Friday, August 8 - LEVI @ Wild Ride
Saturday, August 9 - KUUSAMO @ Ravintola Veijo
Friday, August 15 – SAARISELKÄ @ Jänkhällä Jytisee
Saturday, August 16 –  IVALO @ Ravintola Kultahippu

Here are some photos from the Finnbikers forum of the sights and vibes from Crossfyre’s gigs over the summer so far (photos by Tintti):

tintti 03 tintti 04 Tintti 01 Tintti 02

Classic Southern Blues Rock from the North