Crossfyre live in Poland 2014

Live at the Harley-Davidson Club of Finland’s summer bash 2012 (all photos: Jaakko Manninen)

Crossfyre’s “Devil’s Daughter” (Iron Horse album) music video shoot

Crossfyre “Southbound” album release, Helsinki 2010 (photos: Jarmo Katila)

Crossfyre at Harley Days in Hamburg, Germany, June 2010 (photos: Lightning Buck)

Crossfyre live in Belgium at Spirit of ’66, June 2010 (photos: Jean-Luc Cruwels)

Assorted pics from far and wide

Promotional photos

Crossfyre in 2017 saw a line-up featuring (l-to-r): Sami Salminen (bass), Jari Ravaska (keys), Kai Järvinen (guitar), StarBuck (vox), Danny Cross (drums) and Jaakko Kinnari (guitar)
Crossfyre 2013 Iron Horse line-up
Crossfyre 2013 Iron Horse line-up (L to R): Magnus Ljungqvist, Jaakko Kinnari, StarBuck, Danny Cross, Dan Rönnbacka, Jay Jay Asikainen
Crossfyre 2012 photo by Jarmo Katila
Crossfyre at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki in September 2012, Iron Horse album recordings (photo: Jarmo Katila)
Crossfyre 2010 Southbound line-up
Crossfyre 2010 Southbound line-up (L to R): Jay Jay Asikainen, StarBuck, Danny Cross, Dan Rönnbacka
Crossfyre 2010 by Jarmo Katila
A classic Crossfyre promo pic from 2010’s Southbound era
Crossfyre 2010 pic by Jarmo Katila
Crossfyre’s 2010 line-up and gig poster photo

Classic Southern Blues Rock from the North